OC&C New Joiners:

Consistent with OC&C’s aim of bringing first class international consultants to the local market, we are proud to introduce:

sD. Tromans will join OC&C as Senior Associate Consultant in July 2007

sA. Hayek will join OC&C as Associate Consultant in August 2007

sJ. Khoury will join OC&C as Associate Consultant in August 2007

sO. Abou Faraj will join OC&C as Associate Consultant in August 2007

sA. Lieberman will join OC&C as Associate Consultant in September 2007

sM. Thompson will join OC&C as Associate Consultant in August 2007





OC&C Strategy Consultants Middle East merged with OC&C

OC&C Strategy Consultants, a global leading strategy consulting firm, announced that after a successful strategic alliance with OC&C, a leading resident based strategy consulting and transformation management firm, to merge its Middle East operations and provide top management consulting services under the banner of ‘OC&C Strategy Consultants Middle East’.

The move comes as both firms seek to leverage synergy from combining OC&C's regional experience with OC&C's global resources and intellectual capital. As a prelude to the merger, OC&C and OC&C have been working together on several joint projects and have successfully formed a strategic alliance over the last 12month.

OC&C delivers sustainable growth strategies and strategy revaluation for many of the world's most successful corporate and private equity firms. OC&C is a partner of choice for many company boards due to their in depth sector expertise such as Retail, Consumer Goods, Media, Telecom, Private Equity and Construction. Whereas OC&C has gained in depth expertise in major transformations, change management and reorganizations focusing on industries such as Oil & Gas, Industrial,  Real Estate, Travel, and the Public Sector.

The merger between OC&C Strategy Consultants and OC&C will leverage strong industry sector synergies as both companies work towards complementary strategic goals and a common vision. A main reason for the merger is that OC&C's regional clients are demanding global support for their activities, while OC&C is seeking to enhance their global footprint by linking their US and European with their Indian and Asian operations by reinforcing a firm presence in the Middle East.


MESA Joins OC&C (AME Info - August 2006)
Glen Osmond (Managing Partner)

MESA announced that it has recently joined OC&C Strategy Consultants as a member-firm

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Finding More (Pipeline - September 2006)
Niels Lindstaedt (Project Manager)

A blueprint for effective oil production capacity planning

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The co-author, Mr. Geoff Anderson is a consultant, coach and facilitator working as Oil and Gas Director of OC&C (Middle East Strategy Advisors). Geoff specializes in Change Management, Organization Development, Performance, Supply Chain and Communications. In addition he trains executives in a range of change related topics. Geoff is a lawyer by profession. Since 1978 he has worked mainly in the International Oil Industry but also in the Transport, Energy, Government and Contracting Sectors.

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